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Limerick Celebrates Victorious Volunteer Movement |

Limerick Celebrates Victorious Volunteer Movement

Limerick City, on a vibrant Wednesday night, witnessed an impressive gathering of around 1,400 spirited members of the Limerick City Regiment as they diligently participated in drill exercises at their barracks. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm as the accomplished results of the recent competition were announced. Mr J.P. Wain, having perused the week’s orders, proudly revealed that the Limerick Company had clinched victories in both the section and company drill competitions at the Oireachtas in Limerick. The news was met with resounding applause, emphasizing the pride and accomplishment felt by the local community.

Addressing the assembled crowd, Mr Dalton, the Honorary Organising Secretary, spoke of the remarkable progress the Volunteer Movement had made in the city and county of Limerick. He highlighted the significant influx of 200 new recruits into the City Regiment on that very night. Acknowledging the Dublin Volunteers for their fortitude and solidarity, Mr Dalton paid tribute to their contribution in laying a solid foundation for the movement. He asserted that the Dublin Volunteers, embodying the spirit of leaders like John Mitchel, had proven that the pursuit of freedom was etched in the day when 150,000 Volunteers stood ready with loaded rifles. The Dublin soldiers had brought glory to their race and etched their names in the annals of history, setting a new standard for bravery and dedication.

In a display of unity and appreciation, the entire regiment erupted in enthusiastic cheers for the Dublin Volunteers, underscoring the camaraderie and mutual respect within the Volunteer Movement.

Freeman’s Journal – Friday 31 July 1914

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