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Branch Established in Limerick to Aid the Sick and Wounded During War |

Branch Established in Limerick to Aid the Sick and Wounded During War

In a meeting that saw a significant turnout, encompassing members from all strata of society, the small town of Roxboro in Limerick played host to an event of historical significance. Canon Atkinson, the esteemed clergyman from Kilmallock Rectory, assumed the role of presiding officer, overseeing the proceedings as they unfolded. The primary aim of this gathering was to inaugurate a branch of the Medical Aid League and devise means to provide solace and care for the infirm and injured as the nation embarked upon the challenging journey of war.

The assemblage, marked by its commitment to the welfare of those who might be affected by the impending conflict, collectively constituted a committee. This committee was granted the authority to expand its membership, a testament to the seriousness and urgency of their mission.

Among the notable decisions made during the meeting was the appointment of Lady Beecher as the representative on the Central Executive. Lady Beecher would work in conjunction with Mrs. Furnell, who held an ex-officio position within the league. Mrs. Furnell, in her address, expressed her heartfelt appreciation for the overwhelming support and cooperation she had received from the residents of the district. Their promise of assistance in these tumultuous times was a source of immense encouragement and solidarity.

Future meetings were meticulously planned, ensuring a regular and organized approach towards fulfilling the noble objectives set forth during this historic gathering. The primary goal remained clear: to provide much-needed aid and comfort to the sick and wounded, as the nation braced itself for the trials and tribulations of war.

As the world found itself on the brink of unprecedented conflict, the formation of this Medical Aid League branch in Limerick stood as a testament to the indomitable spirit of community and compassion. It embodied the essence of unity in times of adversity, offering hope and solace to those who would soon find themselves caught up in the throes of war.

Dublin Daily Express – Monday 14 September 1914

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