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FROM Limerick TO TIBER: Irish College Official Meets New Pope |

FROM Limerick TO TIBER: Irish College Official Meets New Pope

ROME – In a momentous development within the heart of the Vatican, Monsignor O’Riordan, the esteemed representative of the Irish College in Rome, has recently undertaken his inaugural official meeting with the newly anointed Pope. This historic encounter marks a significant chapter in the ongoing relationship between the Irish diaspora and the Holy See.

While I, the correspondent, did not have the privilege of crossing paths with Dr O’Riordan during his last visit to our beloved Emerald Isle, accounts have reached my ears attesting to his flourishing health and vitality. Fond recollections of several conversations held with the Monsignor during his tenure as a curate in Limerick have resurfaced, particularly during the period of widespread discourse surrounding his renowned rejoinder to Sir Horace Plunkett’s seminal work, “Ireland in the New Century.”

Dr O’Riordan’s meteoric rise through the ecclesiastical ranks was nothing short of remarkable, a testament to his unwavering commitment to both faith and scholarship. From his humble beginnings as a curate, he has ascended the ecclesiastical ladder with unparalleled swiftness, culminating in his current position as a representative of the esteemed Irish College in the heart of Rome.

The forthcoming implications of this auspicious meeting between Dr O’Riordan and the newly appointed Pontiff remain a subject of intense speculation. Undoubtedly, it heralds a promising era of strengthened ties between the Irish Catholic community and the spiritual epicentre of the Catholic Church.

In this age of shifting sands, where the political landscape of Ireland undergoes radical transformations, the presence of an influential figure such as Monsignor O’Riordan in Rome may well prove pivotal in shaping the destinies of both Ireland and its faithful diaspora.

Evening Herald (Dublin) – Tuesday 15 September 1914

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