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"Belgian Refugees Find Shelter in Limerick" |

“Belgian Refugees Find Shelter in Limerick”

A group of twenty-four Belgian refugees arrived in Limerick last night via the 3 p.m. train from Dublin. They were warmly received at the station by members of the local committee and promptly escorted to Mount Kennett House on Henry Street, where accommodation has been prepared for their stay.

The arrival of the twenty-four Belgian refugees in Limerick marks another chapter in the ongoing humanitarian response to the conflict in Europe. The group, comprising men, women, and children, fled their homeland seeking safety and refuge from the ravages of war. Their journey to Ireland reflects the broader displacement crisis affecting millions across the continent.

Upon their arrival, the refugees were greeted with compassion and support from the local community, demonstrating the spirit of solidarity and hospitality that has characterised Ireland’s response to the refugee crisis. The local committee, in collabouration with various organisations and volunteers, has been working tirelessly to ensure that the refugees receive the assistance they need to rebuild their lives in their new surroundings.

Mount Kennett House, a temporary shelter provided for the refugees, has been equipped with basic amenities to accommodate their immediate needs. Efforts are underway to facilitate their integration into the local community, including language support, access to healthcare, and assistance with education and employment opportunities.

While their journey to safety is a testament to resilience and hope, it also highlights the ongoing challenges faced by displaced populations worldwide. As conflicts persist and displacement continues to rise, the need for international cooperation and solidarity in addressing the root causes of forced migration remains paramount.

In the meantime, the people of Limerick stand ready to welcome and support the Belgian refugees as they begin the process of rebuilding their lives in their new home.

Dublin Daily Express – Wednesday 23 December 1914

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