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Manager's Sudden Demise | Limerick Gazette Archives

Manager’s Sudden Demise

In an unexpected turn of events that has left the community of Newcastle West, County Limerick, in profound shock and sorrow, Mr D.F. Cleary, the esteemed sub-manager of the Provincial Bank, passed away under tragic circumstances on Saturday evening. Mr Cleary, who was dedicated to his role at the bank, had completed his duties on Saturday, embodying the professionalism and commitment that were the hallmarks of his career.

Later that evening, while at home sitting in his chair, Mr Cleary became suddenly ill in a manner that was both swift and severe. Despite the immediate presence and efforts of both a priest and a doctor, Mr Cleary tragically never recovered, his condition rapidly deteriorating until he passed away. This sudden loss has left the bank, its patrons, and the broader community in a state of mourning, reflecting on the fragility of life and the unexpected nature of such calamities.

Mr Cleary was not just a bank manager but a pillar in the Newcastle West community, respected and admired for both his professional acumen and his personal virtues. His sudden departure from this world has sparked an outpouring of condolences and expressions of sympathy, particularly towards his surviving family members. Mr Cleary is survived by a sister and brothers, who are now grappling with the immense sorrow of losing a beloved family member. The Cleary family, known for their long-standing and honourable presence in County Limerick, is facing this difficult time with both dignity and the support of the surrounding community.

The depth of grief felt by those who knew Mr Cleary is a testament to the impact he had on those around him. Colleagues at the Provincial Bank, where he had spent a significant portion of his career, are especially affected, having lost not just a coworker but a friend. The bank has expressed its deep condolences and has pledged to support the Cleary family in any way possible during this difficult time.

The community’s response to Mr Cleary’s sudden death highlights the close-knit nature of Newcastle West and the shared sense of loss that such an event can bring. Vigils and memorials are being planned as a way to honour Mr Cleary’s memory and to provide a space for collective mourning. These gatherings will also serve as a reminder of the contributions Mr Cleary made to the community, both in his professional capacity and through his personal interactions.

As the news of Mr Cleary’s passing spreads, messages of sympathy and support have poured in from beyond Newcastle West, reaching across County Limerick and further afield. This widespread reaction underscores the respect and esteem in which Mr Cleary was held, a reflection of his character and the positive influence he had on those he encountered.

In the days to come, the community of Newcastle West, along with Mr Cleary’s family and friends, will continue to navigate the challenging process of coming to terms with this loss. While the pain of his sudden death is palpable, the memories of his life, his kindness, and his dedication will endure. Mr Cleary’s legacy, built on a foundation of respect, integrity, and community service, will remain a source of inspiration for those who knew him, serving as a beacon of the values he embodied throughout his life.

As the Provincial Bank, the community of Newcastle West, and the Cleary family mourn this sudden loss, the collective spirit of support and remembrance speaks volumes about the impact Mr D.F. Cleary had on those around him. In the face of this tragedy, the community stands united in its grief, a testament to the bonds that Mr Cleary helped to strengthen during his time among them.

Freeman’s Journal – Tuesday 05 January 1915