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United Irish League Rally |

United Irish League Rally

In the scenic locale of Ballysimon, Co. Limerick, a significant meeting of the United Irish League (UIL) convened this Sunday, marking a pivotal moment for the organisation and Irish nationalism. The gathering, aimed at reinforcing the League’s foundation, was chaired by Mr M. Fitzgerald, with notable figures such as Alderman Joyce, MP.., Mr John O’Connor, U.LL. Organiser, and Mr Cunningham Dineen in attendance.

The session commenced with Fitzgerald underlining the community’s eagerness to heed Mr John Redmond’s counsel in sustaining the League’s momentum. This sentiment was met with unanimous approval, signifying the deep-rooted desire among the local nationalists to bolster their cause.

Alderman Joyce, receiving a warm welcome, spoke passionately about the UIL’s enduring legacy as the premier nationalist entity in Ireland, pre-dating even the formation of the Irish National Volunteers. He highlighted the synergistic relationship between the Volunteers and the League, both presided over by Mr Redmond, as instrumental in Ireland’s pursuit of regeneration.

The League’s historical triumphs over landlordism, Toryism, and Unionism were celebrated, with Joyce advocating for its continued existence until Ireland’s national objectives are fully realised. He posited the National Volunteers as a critical support system for the League, cautioning against the repercussions of its dissolution on future parliamentary elections.

Reflecting on the necessity of unwavering support for the UIL, Joyce recounted the decline of the League’s influence in North King’s County during Mr Haviland Burke’s illness. This, he argued, underscored the essential role of the League in maintaining nationalist vigour across Ireland.

In a broader context, Joyce aligned the League’s mission with the ongoing global conflict, presenting Ireland’s alignment with England and Belgium as a stance against oppression. He paid tribute to Mr Redmond, lauding him as a visionary leader whose strategies in the war mirrored his commitment to Ireland’s best interests.

The assembly at Ballysimon, thus, not only served as a reaffirmation of the United Irish League’s significance in the nationalist movement but also as a clarion call for unity and perseverance amidst the challenges of war and political strife. The speeches delivered resonated with a message of hope and determination, steering the discourse towards an Ireland steadfast in its journey towards self-governance and peace.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 02 January 1915

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