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Limerick Dominates Kerry in Munster Championship Encounter |

Limerick Dominates Kerry in Munster Championship Encounter

In a thrilling showdown at the Market Field in Limerick on Sunday, the teams representing Kerry and Limerick clashed in both senior football and junior hurling ties, marking the opening round of the Munster Championship. Despite the anticipation, the matches witnessed a remarkably small attendance.

In the senior football encounter, Kerry asserted their dominance right from the outset. With relentless pressure, Kerry’s offensive prowess was on full display as they swiftly gained the upper hand. Foley’s sensational goal followed by Rice’s precise point early in the game set the tone for Kerry’s commanding performance. Despite Limerick’s attempts to rally, Kerry’s superior tactics and fielding ensured they maintained control throughout the match. With a series of goals and points, Kerry emerged victorious with a final score of 4 goals and 3 points, leaving Limerick trailing behind with just 2 points.

Meanwhile, in the junior hurling match, Limerick’s Claughaun selection took the lead from the start and maintained their momentum throughout the game. Displaying skilful gameplay, Limerick outclassed Kerry with a final score of 9 goals and 3 points, securing a comfortable win while showcasing their prowess on the hurling field.

Both matches were officiated by Mr P. Kenny from Ennis, ensuring fair play and adherence to the rules throughout the intense competition.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 24 April 1915

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