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Limerick Mourns the Loss of Lieutenant H. McCormack in Gallipoli |

Limerick Mourns the Loss of Lieutenant H. McCormack in Gallipoli

In a sombre revelation from Limerick, it has been confirmed that Lieutenant H. McCormack, a distinguished officer who dedicated several years to the clerical staff of the military branch in this historic city, was tragically killed during the conflict at Gallipoli on Saturday. McCormack, whose contributions extended beyond his military service, was a notable figure in the local sports community, especially renowned for his involvement in rugby football.

As an avid rugby enthusiast, McCormack frequently lent his expertise as a referee for pivotal matches in the Munster Cup and League, where his fairness and knowledge of the game were greatly appreciated. His passion for rugby was shared within his family; his brother, Mr F. McCormack, is celebrated for his time as a half-back with the Wanderers, marking a legacy of sportsmanship and dedication in the McCormack family.

Lieutenant McCormack’s untimely demise has cast a shadow over the city of Limerick, leaving a void in both the military and sports communities where he was deeply embedded. His commitment to his duties, both on the field and in service to his country, will be remembered by those who knew him and by the many lives he touched through his various roles.

The loss of Lieutenant McCormack is felt profoundly within Limerick, as the city mourns a man who exemplified the spirit of community and dedication. His contributions to the city, both in and out of uniform, have left an indelible mark on the hearts of many, serving as a poignant reminder of the human cost of conflict and the cherished memories of those who serve with honour.

Freeman’s Journal – Monday 23 August 1915

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