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High Prices at Limerick Land Auction | Limerick Gazette Archives

High Prices at Limerick Land Auction

At Mr William B. Fitts’ Salerooms in Limerick, a recent auction witnessed remarkable demand and soaring prices for land interests on Saturday. The event showcased the buoyancy of the local property market, with substantial sums changing hands for various holdings.

Among the notable transactions was the sale of approximately seventy-three acres and three perches of land in Toureen. The parcel, subject to a purchase annuity of £45 and 8 pence, fetched a significant sum of £1,830. Mr J.S. Gaffney, a solicitor, acted as the trustee for this purchase, indicating continued investor confidence in agricultural assets despite economic uncertainties.

Another highlight of the auction was the sale of the Glebe House in Cahirconlish. The property, spanning 17 acres, 3 roods, and 4 perches, presented a mix of fee-simple and fee-farm grant interests. This desirable holding was snapped up by Mr John Chamberlain for a substantial sum of £830, underscoring the enduring appeal of rural estates in the region.

In addition to larger estates, smaller parcels also attracted competitive bidding. A modest plot comprising a colt and approximately 9.5 perches of land, held in fee and subject to a purchase annuity, changed hands for a noteworthy sum. This transaction, though on a smaller scale, reflects the robust demand for land investments across various sizes and types of properties.

The auction’s success can be attributed to several factors, including a growing interest in agricultural investments, potential for development, and the enduring allure of property ownership. Despite fluctuations in the broader economy, land continues to be viewed as a secure and tangible asset, attracting both investors and owner-occupiers alike.

The buoyancy witnessed in Limerick’s property market aligns with broader trends observed across Ireland, where rural properties are increasingly sought after for their investment potential and lifestyle appeal. Such auctions serve as a barometer for the health of the property market, providing valuable insights into prevailing demand dynamics and pricing trends.

Mr Fitts’ Salerooms have established themselves as a premier destination for property auctions, offering a platform where buyers and sellers can engage in transparent and competitive transactions. The success of this recent auction further solidifies their reputation as trusted facilitators of property transactions in the region.

As the market continues to evolve, stakeholders will closely monitor developments in Limerick and beyond, with land remaining a cornerstone of wealth and prosperity for generations to come.

Evening Irish Times – Monday 21 February 1916