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Limerick Chronicles: Lord Justice Ronan's Report Reveals Remarkable City Order | Limerick Gazette Archives

Limerick Chronicles: Lord Justice Ronan’s Report Reveals Remarkable City Order

In a recent address to the Grand Jury, Lord Justice Ronan, the esteemed figure overseeing affairs in Limerick City, painted a picture of exceptional order and tranquillity within the city limits. His report, delivered with a tone of satisfaction, highlighted the remarkably low incidence of criminal activity, with the column detailing reported offences conspicuously empty.

Addressing the assembled Jury, Lord Justice Ronan wasted no time in commending the city’s citizens for their exemplary conduct, stating that there was “nothing at all” to report in terms of criminal incidents. He further expressed his heartfelt congratulations to the community for maintaining such commendable standards of behaviour.

Central to Lord Justice Ronan’s assertion of the city’s peaceable nature was the comprehensive table of returns provided by the County Inspector. This document served as tangible evidence of the prevailing state of lawfulness and civic order within Limerick. According to Lord Justice Ronan, the figures presented by the County Inspector were not only satisfactory but exceeded expectations, painting a picture of a city where lawlessness was an anomaly rather than the norm.

The County Inspector himself, in collabouration with Lord Justice Ronan, addressed the Grand Jury, reaffirming the positive state of affairs within Limerick City. He urged the Jury to take heed of the data presented, asserting that it accurately reflected the reality of life within the city limits. According to the County Inspector, there was only one isolated incident worth noting, a testament to the effectiveness of law enforcement and the cooperation of the populace.

The Grand Jury, no doubt reassured by the thoroughness of the report and the unanimity of the testimonials, could only echo Lord Justice Ronan’s sentiments of congratulation. With crime rates at an all-time low and public order upheld with unwavering diligence, Limerick City stood as a beacon of civic virtue and harmonious living.

In a time when disorder and unrest often plagued urban centres, the news of Limerick’s tranquillity served as a refreshing reminder of the potential for communities to thrive in peace and cooperation. Lord Justice Ronan’s report, delivered with both pride and humility, underscored the importance of vigilance and community engagement in maintaining lawfulness and orderliness.

As the proceedings concluded and the Grand Jury dispersed, there lingered a palpable sense of optimism and pride amongst those present. Limerick City, it seemed, had not only weathered the storms of uncertainty but had emerged stronger and more united than ever before. And with Lord Justice Ronan at the helm, guiding with wisdom and integrity, the future of Limerick appeared brighter than ever.

Freeman’s Journal – Tuesday 07 March 1916