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Limerick's Demands Echo Amid Cork's Factory News |

Limerick’s Demands Echo Amid Cork’s Factory News

In response to the recent announcement of a national shell factory slated for Cork, Limerick is voicing its own strong desire for a similar endeavour. Our correspondent in Limerick reports a groundswell of support for the establishment of a national shell factory in the city, spurred by the successes seen in munitions production and the notable contributions of Limerick’s residents to the war effort.

Notably, the significant achievements in munitions work, including the commendable efforts of Messrs. J. P. Evans and Co., have bolstered Limerick’s case for consideration. For months, these enterprises have been manufacturing vital components of shells, all of which have met the rigorous standards set by the Munitions Department.

The call for a national shell factory in Limerick is not only driven by a desire to secure orders for munitions but also by the prospect of post-war opportunities. Many affluent individuals are expressing willingness to invest in this venture, believing it not only offers a chance to secure contracts during the war but also positions Limerick favourably for future contracts, thereby providing much-needed employment for returning servicemen.

The sentiment in Limerick underscores the city’s readiness to contribute significantly to the war effort and to position itself for economic vitality in the aftermath of the conflict.

Freeman’s Journal – Wednesday 19 April 1916

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