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Limerick and Clare Farmers' Association Advocates Policy Revision |

Limerick and Clare Farmers’ Association Advocates Policy Revision

During a recent meeting of the Limerick and Clare Farmers’ Association, held on Saturday, a resolution was unanimously adopted, expressing dissatisfaction with the current policy of the Department of Agriculture. The resolution called for a closer alignment of the department’s objectives with the interests and concerns of agricultural associations such as theirs.

One of the key issues raised during the meeting pertained to the procurement practices of the War Office in the City of Limerick. It was noted with concern that representatives of the War Office were not purchasing corn and hay in Limerick as they were in other Irish cities. This discrepancy was deemed unjust and detrimental to local farmers’ interests.

In light of this, the association resolved to bring this matter to the attention of the government, urging swift action to rectify the situation. They emphasized the importance of equitable treatment for all farmers and regions, advocating for fair and transparent procurement practices that support local agricultural economies.

The resolution reflects the proactive stance of the Limerick and Clare Farmers’ Association in advocating for the welfare of its members and the broader agricultural community. By highlighting areas of concern and engaging with relevant authorities, the association aims to promote policies and practices that enhance the livelihoods and prosperity of farmers in the region.

As discussions with the government ensue, the association remains committed to representing the interests of its members and working towards positive outcomes that benefit the agricultural sector as a whole.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 28 October 1916

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