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Muddy Conditions Dampen Limerick Races |

Muddy Conditions Dampen Limerick Races

Attendees of the Limerick races on Thursday evening were left grappling with the aftermath of a dreary day marked by heavy rain and muddy conditions. The second day of the meeting proved to be of a sombre character, with the rain setting in around one o’clock, worsening an already heavy course and leaving both horses and spectators weary.

Despite the initial promise of fine weather on the opening afternoon, the second day’s events failed to live up to expectations, with the sport falling short of previous years’ standards. The executive committee had organized two events over fences, each offering substantial prizes. However, the turnout was disappointing, with only four horses participating in the first day’s race and a meagre half-dozen on the following afternoon.

One particularly notable occurrence was the surprising odds given to Tinahinch, who started at 20 to 1 for the Garryowen Plate. Despite these odds, Tinahinch is known for performing well on this course, adding an element of intrigue to the event. Meanwhile, Duke of Tipperary initially faced setbacks at the start but quickly made up for lost ground, demonstrating resilience and determination on the track.

In the Stewards Plate, Chalton, the winner of the Limerick Junction, delivered a commanding performance, showcasing his potential for future success. Although not at his peak form, Chalton’s victory is a testament to his ongoing improvement and suggests further successes ahead.

As the muddy conditions persisted, participants and spectators alike persevered through the challenging circumstances, highlighting their enduring passion for the sport of racing. While the day may have been marred by adverse weather and unfavourable track conditions, the spirit of competition and camaraderie remained undiminished among those in attendance.

Dublin Daily Express – Wednesday 11 October 1916

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