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Theft Incidents Mar Limerick Races |

Theft Incidents Mar Limerick Races

Limerick has recently experienced unwelcome incidents of theft during the past two days, casting a shadow over the racing events. Reports have surfaced regarding multiple instances of robberies occurring at the racecourse, leaving attendees feeling vulnerable and concerned.

During the first day of the races, one gentleman fell victim to theft, having a bundle of notes amounting to £44 stolen from him. This unfortunate incident highlights the audacity of the perpetrators and the vulnerability of attendees amidst the bustling atmosphere of the event.

Regrettably, the trend continued on Thursday, with another visitor experiencing a similar misfortune of having their belongings stolen in the same manner. These incidents have undoubtedly left a sense of unease among racegoers and have prompted concerns about the security measures in place at the venue.

The occurrence of thefts at such public gatherings underscores the importance of robust security protocols and heightened vigilance to deter criminal activities. Authorities are urged to take swift action to address these incidents and to ensure the safety and security of all attendees at future events.

As investigations into these thefts continue, attendees are advised to remain vigilant and to take precautions to safeguard their belongings while enjoying the festivities. The incidents serve as a sobering reminder of the need for collective efforts to combat crime and uphold safety standards within the community.

Dublin Daily Express – Saturday 07 October 1916

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