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Protest Meeting Against Stoppage of Racing Held at Limerick |

Protest Meeting Against Stoppage of Racing Held at Limerick

A heavily attended gathering of horse breeders and owners convened today in Limerick to voice their opposition against the cessation of racing in Ireland. Situated at the heart of one of the most significant horse-breeding regions globally, the district surrounding the meeting site boasts a rich history of renowned horses such as Ardpatrick, Galtee More, and Jerry M. The proposed halt to racing, if implemented, threatens to exacerbate unemployment and subsequent hardships in the area, presenting a looming disaster.

Presiding over the assembly, Mayor Mr S. B. Quinn emphasized the catastrophic implications the discontinuation of racing would entail for the Irish populace. He urged for prompt action to bring the matter before the Government, stressing the urgency of the situation. Mr Peter Fitzgerald, representing Mondlihy stud, delved into the intricate dynamics of horse breeding, acknowledging the potential necessity of sacrifice if racing cessation proved pivotal to the war effort. However, he scrutinized assertions, particularly those regarding the purported savings in oats resulting from the halt, attributing them to exaggeration.

The meeting underscored the deep-rooted concerns within the horse-breeding community regarding the cessation of racing activities. Attendees expressed fears of economic downturns and widespread repercussions for the livelihoods dependent on the industry. Amidst the impassioned speeches and discussions, there was a prevailing sentiment of defiance against the proposed measures, with stakeholders united in their determination to safeguard the future of racing in Ireland.

The gathering served as a platform for stakeholders to voice their grievances and rally support for their cause. Calls for concerted action reverberated throughout the proceedings, with attendees resolved to pursue every available avenue to advocate for the continuation of racing. As the debate intensifies, the fate of the racing industry hangs in the balance, contingent upon the decisions of policymakers and the collective efforts of its proponents to sway public opinion and effect change.

In the face of uncertainty, the protest meeting in Limerick stands as a testament to the resilience and unity of the horse-breeding community. With livelihoods at stake and a rich heritage to uphold, stakeholders remain steadfast in their commitment to preserving the legacy of racing in Ireland, determined to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

Evening Herald (Dublin) – Friday 04 May 1917

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