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Limerick Farmer Awarded £250 Damages in Assault Case |

Limerick Farmer Awarded £250 Damages in Assault Case

In a courtroom drama reminiscent of a gripping saga, Michael Coffey, a farmer hailing from Garrymorroughen, Co. Limerick, emerged victorious in a legal battle against John Walsh of Carhue, Co. Limerick. The proceedings, which unfolded at Nisi Prius on Tuesday under the watchful eye of Mr Justice Gibson and a city common jury, centred around allegations of assault and battery.

Coffey, the plaintiff, sought £250 in damages, claiming that Walsh had subjected him to a vicious attack on the 1st of January 1917. According to Coffey’s account, Walsh allegedly assaulted him, inflicting wounds with a knife or similar sharp instrument, resulting in grievous bodily harm. The defence countered with a plea of self-defence, vehemently denying the accusations levelled against Walsh.

The incident that triggered the legal showdown occurred on the high road leading to Kilbehenny, Co. Cork, setting the stage for a clash between the two protagonists. Adding a layer of complexity to the narrative, Walsh had previously faced charges related to the murder of Edward Coffey, a brother of the plaintiff. Walsh’s legal saga culminated in a manslaughter conviction during the Limerick Assizes, with Mr Justice Hilt imposing a five-year sentence of penal servitude.

Despite the defence’s efforts to challenge Coffey’s claims, the jury sided with the plaintiff, delivering a verdict that reverberated throughout the courtroom. The decision to award Coffey £250 in damages underscored the gravity of the assault and upheld the principle of justice in the face of adversity.

Legal luminaries from both sides illuminated the courtroom with their expertise, advocating fervently for their respective clients. Counsel for the plaintiff, led by the esteemed Sergeant Sweeney and Mr J. F. Meagher, marshalled compelling arguments that resonated with the jury. Conversely, Mr M. Connolly, K.C., and Mr J. E. Clery, representing the defendant, mounted a spirited defence in an attempt to sway the outcome in Walsh’s favour.

The culmination of the trial marked a significant milestone for Coffey, vindicating his pursuit of recompense for the trauma inflicted upon him. The £250 in damages awarded by the jury served as a tangible affirmation of his resilience in the face of adversity, offering a semblance of closure in the aftermath of the harrowing ordeal.

As the courtroom emptied and the echoes of legal discourse faded into the recesses of memory, the outcome of Coffey versus Walsh stood as a testament to the enduring pursuit of justice. In the annals of legal history, this saga etched a limerick-like tale of conflict and resolution, weaving together the threads of human drama with the tapestry of jurisprudence.

General Advertiser for Dublin, and all Ireland – Saturday 12 May 1917

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