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"Passing of Major Frank H. Wise: Esteemed Horse Breeder and Sportsman" |

“Passing of Major Frank H. Wise: Esteemed Horse Breeder and Sportsman”

The community mourns the loss of Major Frank H. Wise of Rochestown, an esteemed sportsman, horse breeder, and owner. His death marks the end of an era for those who cherished his contributions to equestrian sports and military service.

Major Wise’s distinguished career was characterized by his profound impact on horse breeding and his active involvement in the military. Following the outbreak of the current war, he undertook extensive travels across Canada, procuring horses for the army. His dedication extended to the front lines, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to service.

From 1899 to 1908, during the tenure of the 13th Hussars in Dundalk, Major Wise held the prestigious position of Master of the Regimental Harriers. His legacy in Limerick was further cemented as Master of the Limerick Hounds, where his leadership and expertise were widely respected.

Upon retiring from active service, Major Wise settled at his estate in Rochestown. There, he devoted himself to breeding broodmares and young stock, cultivating a reputation for excellence in the equestrian community. He formed a notable partnership with Mr H. D. Browning at the Knockany Stud, previously owned by the late Mr John Dobbins. This stud was renowned for producing illustrious Derby winners like Galtee More and Ard Patrick, as well as a Grand National champion.

Together, Major Wise and Mr Browning bred numerous successful racehorses, including the exceptional Stornoway. As a two-year-old, Stornoway showcased his brilliance in England, catching the eye of Mr R. Hulton, who purchased him for 5,000 guineas. The investment proved fruitful as Stornoway went on to win races worth £6,263, solidifying his status as a remarkable asset in the racing world.

Major Wise’s passing leaves a void in the equestrian and sporting circles. His legacy, however, endures through the horses he bred and the sporting traditions he upheld. The community remembers him not only for his professional achievements but also for his passion and dedication to the world of horse breeding and sportsmanship.

Sport (Dublin) – Saturday 09 June 1917

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