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Positive Progress in Land Sale at Copeswood, Pallaskenry, Limerick

Exciting developments are underway in Pallaskenry, Limerick, as a significant step has been taken towards the sale of the expansive property of Copeswood. The landlord, Mr George Caufield, has successfully reached an agreement with the 116 tenants, marking a milestone in the process. The terms of the sale, governed by… Read More

Funeral Services Held for Reverend John Quinlan in Pallaskenry

The funeral services for Reverend John Quinlan, Parish Priest of Pallaskenry and a revered clergyman within the Limerick diocese, were solemnly conducted on Monday. The esteemed priest, who succumbed to a sudden bout of pneumonia at the age of fifty-one, had dutifully served in various districts, garnering respect across societal… Read More

Tragic Events Unfold Near Limerick: Inquest Reveals Honeymoon Fatality

Limerick, Wednesday – In a sombre turn of events near Limerick, an inquest conducted by Mr James Frost, the Coroner for County Clare, delved into the circumstances surrounding the untimely death of Mr William T. Lane, an auctioneer from Shanagolden. The incident unfolded on the outskirts of Limerick, raising questions… Read More