Ex-Soldier’s Struggles: War Office’s Refusal to Increase Pension and Public Response

Regarding soldiers and their service, another noteworthy incident is reported from Limerick. The guardians of the poor applied to the War Office to increase the pension of an ex-soldier to enable him to support himself. This ex-soldier, living in a workhouse, received only 8 pennies a day and was in delicate health due to his service for Queen and England. However, the War Office refused to provide any assistance, leaving the sick soldier’s life in jeopardy without the support of those he fought for. Some guardians objected to discussing this matter, arguing that time would be wasted in appealing to the War Office. However, the issue should be continually brought to public attention, and protests should always be made against such poor treatment of these vulnerable individuals. This situation allows young people to better understand the true value of serving in the military.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Monday 04 February 1901

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