“A Call for Strategic Unity: Mayor of Limerick’s Speech on Preparing for Ireland’s Independence”

A Chicago despatch reports that Mayor Daly of Limerick, speaking at an event last night, expressed support for the Irish rebellion, siding with Miss Maude Gonne, who argued that parliamentary agitation has been of no use to the Irish cause, and that violent rebellion is the only solution for gaining relief. Mayor Daly added that parliamentary tactics were a betrayal of the cause, and called upon Irishmen to resist England. He also discussed the importance of arms and ammunition being introduced to the island in preparation for conflict.

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed guests,

It is a great honor for me to stand before you today, in the beautiful city of Chicago, to address an issue of immense importance to all Irishmen, as well those descended from the Emerald Isle. Our homeland has been through a tumultuous history – one of strife, sacrifice, and perseverance. Today, we face yet another chapter in this ongoing saga of our proud nation.

As the Mayor of Limerick, I call upon all Irishmen, both here and across the world, to stand united in our cause against the dominance and oppression of the British rule in Ireland. But, our brave crusade demands caution, strategy, and patience. For we must temporise with England until we are fully prepared to take on the might of their empire and achieve our rightful independence.

I call upon you, my fellow Irishmen, to help provide the means necessary to transport arms and ammunition into our homeland. We must create a formidable stockpile, discreetly and cautiously, preparing ourselves for the day when we will rise up in open rebellion and defend our land, culture, and freedom.

We must not act with haste, but with tact and cunning. It is vital that we bide our time and carefully lay the groundwork for our efforts. Each of you has a role to play in this grand and noble endeavor – be it through the channels of communication, fundraising, or acquiring and transporting the arms and ammunition we so desperately need.

The battle ahead is not one we can afford to lose. Our history, heritage, and future depend upon our success. In our hearts, we carry the strength, passion, and determination born of generations of struggle and resilience. Together, we must rise up when the time is right and fight not as individual rebels, but as one united Irish people – unbreakable, unwavering, and unyielding.

In conclusion, my dear Irish brothers and sisters, let us bear in mind the responsibility that rests upon our shoulders. We owe it to our ancestors who fought before us, to our children who will inherit the Ireland we shape today, and to our beloved Ireland itself, which calls upon us to liberate her from the shackles of British rule.

Let us work together, systematically and covertly, to amass the arsenal and resources needed to claim our freedom when the time is right. Let us not bow down to fear or subjugation, but fight for our enduring cause with pride and unyielding courage.

Sláinte, my fellow Irishmen. May we stand tall and united in our quest for an independent and prosperous Ireland. Thank you.

Dundee Evening Post – Monday 04 March 1901

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