Pioneer Lectures in Limerick: Focus on Irish Industries and the Development of Electricity

The second of the Pioneer Lectures took place on Friday night in Limerick, where Mr. Tatlow, A, discussed “The Dynamo and Its Applications.” His Honour Judge Adams presided over the crowded event, which was hailed as an able and lucid presentation. Following the lecture, audience members passed a vote of thanks for Mr. Tatlow.

Judge Adams spoke about the development of electricity at Niagara, as mentioned by the lecturer. He noted that he often wondered why the massive flow of water in the Shannon River, falling into the Atlantic, had not been utilized for generating income for the local population. The idea of harnessing the Shannon’s power for electricity, known as the Shannon Scheme, had been proposed and even passed through the Commons. However, after an expensive trial, the proposal stalled in the Lords and had to be restarted.

Adams highlighted the barriers faced by such initiatives in Ireland, including opposition from barristers, hotel keepers, and experts. Despite these challenges, the lecture series aims to foster discussions on the potential of Irish industries and encourage innovative ideas for the country’s development.

Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph – Saturday 30 March 1901

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