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"Society for Irish Church Missions Protests Magistrates' Decision Regarding Assaults on Dr Long" |

“Society for Irish Church Missions Protests Magistrates’ Decision Regarding Assaults on Dr Long”

LIMERICK, IRELAND – In a unanimous decision during a recent meeting of the Society for Irish Church Missions, members voiced their strong protest against the actions taken by local magistrates regarding assaults on the society’s medical missionary, Dr Long. The committee firmly believes that the renewed attacks on Dr Long can be attributed to the unfortunate dismissal of charges against individuals involved in riotous conduct in a previous case related to the doctor.

The Society for Irish Church Missions, an organization dedicated to providing medical and religious services to the community, expressed its deep concern over the series of events that have unfolded in recent months. Central to their grievances is the belief that the actions of the resident magistrate have condoned violence and discrimination, which have serious implications for the principles of justice and religious freedom in the region.

Dr Long, a devoted medical missionary, found himself at the center of controversy when he became the target of attacks and harassment. The initial incident that sparked this ongoing issue was a case of riotous conduct involving Dr Long, in which charges were inexplicably dropped against those responsible. This perceived lack of accountability for the assailants has raised questions within the community and the Society for Irish Church Missions about the impartiality of the local judicial system.

The most recent development that further fueled the society’s outrage was the resident magistrate’s actions in response to an altercation between Dr Long and a priest. The magistrate’s endorsement of the priest’s violent interference with Dr Long’s Protestant patient, coupled with the recommendation for the public to avoid professional dealings with the missionary doctor, were seen by the committee as an abuse of the magistrate’s position.

The society maintains that the magistrate’s actions not only condone violence but also compromise the principle of religious freedom, a fundamental right cherished by many in Ireland. The organization firmly believes that individuals should have the liberty to seek medical care and religious guidance without prejudice or discrimination based on their religious affiliations.

In response to these concerns, the Society for Irish Church Missions resolved to take proactive steps. They have called upon the relevant authorities to ensure the full freedom of their missionaries and anyone seeking their services, regardless of their religious beliefs. This request reflects their commitment to providing essential medical and spiritual support to the community without fear of harassment or persecution.

Furthermore, the committee decided to communicate their grievances to the press, aiming to shed light on the challenges they face in fulfilling their mission. They believe that by bringing attention to these issues, they can foster a more inclusive and tolerant society that respects the diversity of religious beliefs.

Copies of their resolution will also be sent to the relevant Irish authorities, ensuring that their concerns are formally documented and addressed. The Society for Irish Church Missions is determined to uphold their principles of religious freedom and community service, and they hope that their actions will contribute to a more equitable and harmonious future for all in Limerick and beyond.

Belfast News-Letter – Monday 01 July 1901

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