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Society for Irish Church Missions Protests Magistrates’ Decision – Limerick Gazette

Society for Irish Church Missions Protests Magistrates’ Decision

In a meeting held by the Society for Irish Church Missions, a unanimous decision was made to protest against the decision of magistrates regarding assaults on the society’s medical missionary, Dr Long. The committee believes that the renewed attacks on Dr Long were a result of the unfortunate dismissal of charges against those involved in riotous conduct concerning Dr Long in a previous case. The resident magistrate’s actions in condoning the defendant priest’s violent interference with Dr Long’s Protestant patient, and recommending the public to avoid professional dealings with Dr Long, were seen as an abuse of the magistrate’s position. The committee calls upon authorities to ensure full freedom for their missionaries and those seeking their services, regardless of their religious affiliations. It was also resolved that these concerns be communicated to the Press and copies be sent to the relevant Irish authorities.

Belfast News-Letter – Monday 01 July 1901