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Athletics: Limerick Entry for Championships Announced – Limerick Gazette

Athletics: Limerick Entry for Championships Announced

Two more entries have been added to the list for Saturday’s athletics championships. They include Con Leahy of Limerick, the Irish champion for both high and long jump, as well as the mile. The competition is anticipated to be exhilarating as these talented athletes join the line-up.

Limerick Born Leahy Hails from a Family of Sportsmen

Con Leahy, the Irish champion in high and long jump as well as the mile, was born in Creggane, near Bruree, on the border of County Limerick and County Cork. He is the son of Thomas Leahy and Mary McDonough, and one of seven brothers, all of whom pursued sports with great passion. His brother Patrick set the British high jump record in 1898 and went on to win Olympic medals in 1900. Timothy, another brother, was also a competitive jumper, showcasing the family’s impressive athletic prowess.

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 02 July 1902