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"Distilleries Company Announces Merger Plans with Ardgowan and Adelphi Distilleries" |

“Distilleries Company Announces Merger Plans with Ardgowan and Adelphi Distilleries”

Limerick, Ireland – The Distilleries Company Ltd. has revealed a significant development in the world of distilleries with their recent announcement of an amalgamation arrangement involving the Ardgowan Distillery Company in Greenock and the Adelphi Distillery in Glasgow. This ambitious plan is, however, contingent upon the approval of their respective shareholders.

The Adelphi Distillery, currently owned by Charles and David Gray, is renowned for its impressive production capacity, churning out an astounding 45,000 gallons of spirits every week. Under the banner of “Archibald Walker & Company,” the same entity is responsible for the operation of not only the Adelphi Distillery but also the Vauxhall Distillery in Liverpool and the Limerick Distillery in Limerick.

The amalgamation proposal put forth by the Distilleries Company is as follows: shareholders of both the Adelphi and Ardgowan Companies will be entitled to receive distillers’ stock of equal value to the par value of their existing shares, a valuation set at £70. To illustrate, a shareholder holding ten Ardgowan shares will find themselves in possession of five fully paid shares in the Distillers Company, each valued at £12, and an additional £10 in cash, which cumulatively amounts to the agreed valuation of £70.

It has come to light that holders of the share capital in both the Adelphi and Ardgowan Companies have signified their intention to accept the offer presented by the Distilleries Company. This collective agreement signals a notable step towards the realization of the merger plan.

One of the driving forces behind this amalgamation is a shared goal to curtail the overall production output and, in doing so, thwart any tendencies towards price undercutting within the industry. This strategic move highlights the industry’s ongoing commitment to stability and sustainable growth.

The proposed amalgamation is now awaiting the formal approval of the respective shareholders, a pivotal step in the process that will determine whether this bold venture will become a reality. As the distillery landscape evolves, this merger promises to have a significant impact on the industry, ensuring that the legacy of these distilleries continues to influence the future and shape the world of spirits for generations to come.

Edinburgh Evening News – Saturday 21 June 1902

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