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Limerick Union Guardians Seek Tenders for Workhouse Chair Supply |

Limerick Union Guardians Seek Tenders for Workhouse Chair Supply

The Limerick Union Guardians have announced their intention to convene a meeting on Wednesday, October 22, 1912, during which they will consider tenders for the supply of 6 dozen chairs for the Workhouse. This procurement aims to address the needs of the Workhouse, ensuring the provision of suitable seating.

Interested parties wishing to submit a tender can request to view a standard sample by getting in touch with the Master. This option allows potential suppliers to gain a clear understanding of the required standard for the chairs. It is crucial to adhere to these specifications in the tender submissions.

Tenders for the chair supply must be delivered by 12 o’clock noon on the specified day. To facilitate the process, envelopes containing the tenders should be clearly marked with the word “Chairs.” Please note that the acceptance of the tender, whether the lowest or any other, is not guaranteed, as it will be subject to the Guardians’ discretion.

This order has been issued by H.J. Guinane, Clerk of Union, and underscores the commitment of the Limerick Union Guardians to fulfilling the necessary requirements of the Workhouse while adhering to transparent and equitable procurement processes. The provision of suitable chairs is of significance to the Workhouse, and the Union Guardians are dedicated to ensuring its efficient and effective operation.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 14 October 1902

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