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Militia Bounty Sparks Violent Rows in Limerick: Multiple Injured, Treated at Barrington’s Hospital – Limerick Archives

Militia Bounty Sparks Violent Rows in Limerick: Multiple Injured, Treated at Barrington’s Hospital

In its Tuesday, December 2, 1902 edition, The Limerick Echo brought forth the news of a string of disputes that had erupted in Limerick, supposedly caused due to the receipt of military bounty. These altercations resulted in numerous people injured, who were subsequently treated at Barrington’s Hospital.

Among the injured was Patrick Cullinan, who sustained injuries when he fell onto a porter barrel. James Dineen, Henry Ryan, and John Mahony were each treated for separate scalp wounds. John Troy appeared at the hospital with a cut finger, which also seemed to be a consequence of the tumultuous events.

In addition to these individuals, several other parties found themselves with an array of injuries. Nurses and doctors at Barrington’s Hospital attended to them, providing medical assistance to ensure their best possible recovery. The series of rows sparked concerns among Limerick’s locals, who were unsettled by the violence witnessed in their usually peaceful community.

It remains unclear whether the alleged connection between the militia bounty and these events was confirmed or merely a rumor, as the newspaper report did not provide conclusive details. Nevertheless, the situation prompted discussions surrounding the potential consequences of such bounties and their possible impact on the communal harmony in the area. Many locals called for increased vigilance and cooperation among community members to prevent any future disturbances.

As the town continued to grapple with the aftermath of these incidents, the authorities were pressed to uncover the root cause and ensure the safety and stability of the Limerick residents. No doubt, the event served as a stark reminder to the townspeople of the need to remain united, despite the challenges and complexities that may arise at times.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 02 December 1902