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Murder Charge Filed Against Two Individuals For House-breaking And Grievous Bodily Harm Leading To Death – Limerick Gazette

Murder Charge Filed Against Two Individuals For House-breaking And Grievous Bodily Harm Leading To Death

A murder charge was filed at the Glin Petty Sessions against James Normile and Michael Normile. The two were initially arrested on October 26 for house-breaking and inflicting grievous bodily harm on John Dillane in his house at East Mall, Glin, on the night of October 25. Dillane later passed away on November 14. Several magistrates were in attendance during the proceedings, including Captain Crane, the Knight of Glin, Major Kiggell, and Messrs Francis Fitzgerald and Stephen Pegnm.

Mr William Leahy, Crown Solicitor, represented the prosecution and stated that the charge was now one of willful murder. Defense attorneys Messrs P.F. Liston and Thomas M Windle represented the accused. The depositions of the deceased, as well as his wife and stepson, were read out during the hearing.

In cross-examination, Mrs. Dillane mentioned that the deceased did not name John Normile as one of the attackers in his deposition. Constable Somersett deposed to being called by Dillane’s wife on October 25 and finding her husband lying on the floor along with stones. He further stated that he previously encountered James Normile holding a stick, which he then confiscated.

Dr Charles McDonnell testified that he was called to attend to the deceased on October 25, finding him lying on the floor with a fractured right leg below the knee. He treated Dillane, but the injury eventually led to gangrene and pneumonia, resulting in his death.

Sergeant O’Rourke stated he arrived at the deceased’s house on October 25 to find him lying on the floor in a pool of blood. He reported seeing an excited crowd that included the accused earlier in the evening, with Michael Normile appearing eager to fight. After ordering them to go home, they proceeded down the Mall Road. In response to Mr Leahy, O’Rourke mentioned that deceased had purchased hay from an evicted farm in Killiany and that the two accused had no connection to the farm.

Since the hearing had gone late, the case was postponed, and the accused were remanded for eight days, facing their fifth appearance before the magistrates. They were then conveyed to Limerick jail.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 02 December 1902