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Respected Figure from Killiard, Ardagh, Mourned – Limerick Archives

Respected Figure from Killiard, Ardagh, Mourned

In Ardagh, West Limerick, the passing of Mr M. Cremin, D.C., has left a profound sense of loss in the community. A scion of a well-regarded and long-established local family, Mr Cremin was not only an accomplished farmer but also a dedicated public servant. His demise, which occurred on Thursday, the 11th of this month, was a result of a brief illness.

Mr Cremin’s roots in the community ran deep, and his contributions were manifold. For a substantial part of his life, he devoted his energies to serving the Ardagh division on the Newcastle West Board of Guardians and District Council. Throughout his tenure, he exemplified principles of generosity and integrity, earning him the reputation of a true gentleman.

Unfortunately, Mr Cremin was no stranger to grief, having lost his beloved wife not long before his own passing. The recent funeral proceedings in Ardagh bore witness to the high regard in which he was held. A diverse and numerous gathering came together to pay their respects, attesting to the profound impact he had on the lives of those around him.

In this time of mourning, the Cremin family and their relatives find themselves burdened by a profound grief, a grief that is shared and deeply felt by the wider community. Their loss is met with heartfelt sympathy from all who have had the privilege of knowing them.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 16 December 1902