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Limerick Chamber of Commerce Welcomes King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra's 1903 Visit to Ireland |

Limerick Chamber of Commerce Welcomes King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra’s 1903 Visit to Ireland

The Limerick Chamber of Commerce convened a meeting yesterday, which resulted in the unanimous adoption of an official address for presentation to King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra in anticipation of their forthcoming visit to Ireland in 1903. The gesture reflects the Chamber’s eagerness to receive the British monarchs and the importance they place on strengthening the ties between Ireland and the United Kingdom during their reign.

The royal visit to Ireland hails a significant milestone with the potential to shape future relations between the two countries and is seen as a crucial step towards fostering collabouration and understanding. Recognizing the importance of this visit, the Limerick Chamber of Commerce underscores the opportunities for mutual cooperation in various sectors, including business, tourism, and cultural exchange. They anticipate that the King and Queen’s presence will shed light on Ireland’s rich heritage, leading to increased respect and appreciation for the nation’s history and traditions.

By presenting the address to King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, the Limerick Chamber of Commerce aims to demonstrate their strong support for the royal visit and the positive impact it could potentially have on Ireland-UK relations. It is their sincere hope that this event will mark the beginning of a new era of unity, progress, and shared prosperity between both nations, building a foundation of cooperation, mutual respect, and partnership for years to come.

Dundee Courier – Tuesday 30 June 1903

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