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Limerick Man Claims Unbelievable Sobriety Despite Downing 21 Pints of Porter Daily |

Limerick Man Claims Unbelievable Sobriety Despite Downing 21 Pints of Porter Daily

In a Dublin police court on Friday, a Limerick man boldly claimed that despite consuming a staggering 21 pints of porter every day, he had never been intoxicated. The man’s remarkable assertion raised eyebrows and drew attention during the proceedings.

The courtroom was filled with curious onlookers as the man confidently defended his drinking habits. He argued that despite the large quantity of porter he consumed regularly, he had developed an unusually high tolerance for alcohol, which prevented him from experiencing any signs of drunkenness.

The man’s claim prompted skepticism from both the court officials and the public in attendance. It seemed inconceivable that such a substantial intake of alcohol could be without consequence. However, the man maintained his position, insisting that he had never exhibited any behavior or symptoms typically associated with intoxication.

The presiding judge, while acknowledging the man’s right to present his case, expressed concern about the potential health implications of consuming such an excessive amount of alcohol on a daily basis. The judge urged the man to reconsider his habits and consider the long-term effects on his well-being.

As the court proceedings concluded, the Limerick man left the courtroom, still adamant that his ability to consume copious amounts of porter without becoming drunk was a testament to his unique constitution. The unusual case stirred discussion among legal professionals and the public alike, highlighting the complexities surrounding alcohol tolerance and its effects on individuals.

It remains to be seen whether the man’s assertion will be subjected to further scrutiny or if he will face any consequences for his drinking habits.

Northampton Mercury – Friday 06 November 1903

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