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Limerick Guardians Reject Sending Children from House Schools to Avoid Stigmatisation | Limerick Gazette Archives

Limerick Guardians Reject Sending Children from House Schools to Avoid Stigmatisation

In a recent decision, the Limerick Guardians have resolved not to send children from the house schools in fear of branding them as “paupers.” The move comes as a response to concerns over the potential stigmatization that these children may face if they were to be relocated.

The Limerick Guardians, responsible for overseeing the welfare of vulnerable individuals within the community, deliberated on the matter extensively. The decision not to send the children from the house schools was made in order to protect them from any negative labeling or discriminatory treatment they might encounter.

The term “paupers” often carries a social stigma and can result in adverse consequences for those labeled as such. By refraining from sending these children away, the Limerick Guardians aim to shield them from any potential harm and ensure they receive a fair and inclusive education.

The decision reflects the Guardians’ commitment to prioritizing the well-being and emotional welfare of the children under their care. Instead of subjecting them to potential marginalization, the Guardians seek to create an environment that promotes inclusivity and equal opportunities for all.

By keeping the children within the house schools, the Limerick Guardians hope to provide them with a nurturing and supportive educational setting. This approach not only protects the children from potential stigmatization but also acknowledges their worth and potential, irrespective of their background or circumstances.

The decision has been met with positive responses from various stakeholders, including community members and advocacy groups. Many commend the Limerick Guardians for their proactive stance in safeguarding the rights and dignity of these children.

As the Guardians continue their efforts to ensure the well-being of those in their care, the decision to reject sending children from the house schools stands as a testament to their commitment to fostering an inclusive society that embraces and supports all its members, regardless of their socio-economic background.

Portsmouth Evening News – Saturday 21 November 1903