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Disgraceful Postal Arrangements In West Limerick |

Disgraceful Postal Arrangements In West Limerick

Abbeyfeale, Saturday – Complaints about the disgraceful postal arrangements in Abbeyfeale and particularly the poor delivery service have been heard on all sides. The failure of the postal system to operate efficiently has caused frustration and inconvenience for the past week. Since the 31st of last month, there have been significant delays in mail being delivered, with some items arriving as late as the 23rd of this month.

Residents and businesses in Abbeyfeale and Listowel are particularly affected by these unacceptable postal delays. It would be impossible to enumerate all the problems that have arisen from the delay, but one of the most distressing consequences is the disappointment experienced by individuals whose Christmas gifts or important correspondence were expected to arrive on time. This issue is especially significant for those with relatives or friends in America, where the timely arrival of holiday packages is of utmost importance.

The community is calling for urgent action to address these disgraceful postal arrangements and to improve the efficiency and reliability of the service. The delays and inconveniences faced by residents and businesses are causing frustration and economic losses. It is crucial that the postal authorities take immediate steps to rectify the situation and ensure that the postal service in West Limerick operates smoothly and effectively.

Kerry News – Wednesday 30 December 1903

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