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The Land Question Takes Center Stage at Limerick and Clare Farmers' Club Meeting |

The Land Question Takes Center Stage at Limerick and Clare Farmers’ Club Meeting

In a well-attended gathering of the Limerick and Clare Farmers’ Club, chaired by Mr John M’Inerney, JP, a significant resolution regarding the pressing land question was unanimously adopted. This resolution, aimed at addressing the current stalemate caused by high land prices and a failed policy of conciliation, calls upon the Directory of the United Irish League to reintroduce the old policy of compulsory purchase and urges them to pass a corresponding resolution in their upcoming meeting.

The meeting, marked by a robust presence of farmers from the region, highlighted the deep concern and frustration surrounding the ongoing land issue. The failure of conciliation efforts was attributed to exorbitant demands made by landlords, making it increasingly difficult for tenants to secure fair and affordable land deals. The resulting impasse has necessitated a reevaluation of strategies to protect the interests of farmers and the wider agricultural community.

In response to this predicament, the Limerick and Clare Farmers’ Club has taken a proactive stance by suggesting the reinstatement of compulsory purchase as a means to address the issue. By presenting this resolution to the Directory of the United Irish League, they aim to rally broader support and leverage the organization’s influence to drive policy change.

Compulsory purchase, once a significant component of land reform efforts, grants the government or relevant authorities the power to acquire privately owned land for public use, often for redistribution to farmers or other landless individuals. The proposition to reinstate this policy is based on the belief that it would provide a viable solution to the current challenges faced by farmers, allowing them to secure land at a fair price and ensuring greater stability for the agricultural sector.

The resolution’s adoption at the meeting signifies the collective determination of the Limerick and Clare Farmers’ Club to pursue a more assertive approach in resolving the land question. By calling upon the United Irish League’s Directory to endorse and implement this policy change, they hope to address the pressing concerns of farmers across the country.

As the resolution moves forward to the United Irish League’s upcoming meeting, its proponents anticipate a favorable response and a united front in tackling the land issue. The reintroduction of compulsory purchase, if endorsed, could potentially usher in a renewed era of land reform and provide a pathway for farmers to secure their livelihoods in an equitable manner.

The resolution passed at the Limerick and Clare Farmers’ Club meeting demonstrates the determination of local farmers to overcome the obstacles posed by high land prices. It highlights the pressing need for swift action and collabourative efforts to address the land question, ensuring a sustainable future for Ireland’s agricultural community.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 05 January 1904

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