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Controversy Surrounds All-Ireland Championships Venue Selection |

Controversy Surrounds All-Ireland Championships Venue Selection

Gaelic sports enthusiasts in Limerick are up in arms over the recent decision by the Provincial Council to change the venue for the all-Ireland Championships between Clare and Limerick. The announcement, made during a meeting on the 10th of April, has sparked a heated debate regarding the legality and fairness of the venue selection process.

Originally, the matches were scheduled to take place in Limerick at the Markets Field on Sunday, May 1st, with Mr Fitzgerald from Cork appointed as the referee. However, after a coin toss, the council decided to relocate the matches to Tipperary on Sunday, April 17th. This sudden change has raised concerns among local supporters who believe that the decision is unjust and goes against the initial agreement.

Opponents of the venue change argue that the chairman’s refusal to referee the matches in Limerick due to alleged hostilities towards Gaelic games is unfounded. They assert that the Gaelic Association has received fair treatment from the management committee of the Arrowen Athletic Ground Company, which runs the field in question. Supporters of Limerick as the original venue emphasize its neutrality and the potential for a record-breaking attendance, ensuring a fair competition for both counties.

The issue is expected to be revisited during the Provincial Council’s next meeting, and Limerick representatives are urged not to allow their city to be treated unfairly. Concerned voices within the Gaelic community express hopes that the council will reconsider the decision and uphold Limerick as the rightful venue for the matches.

In addition to the venue controversy, Gaelic matters in Limerick city and county have been affected by the recent severe weather conditions. Outdoor games have been nearly impossible to organize, resulting in a general slowdown in Gaelic activities. As spring approaches, calls are being made for clubs to resume training and for tournament committees to begin planning competitions, providing Gaelic clubs with opportunities to compete.

Critics also highlight the need for greater financial support from Gaelic boards for national bands and the overlooked sport of handball. They question why Limerick lags behind other cities and towns in Ireland in supporting these cultural institutions. The Provincial Council’s decision to support Irish dancing is applauded, but calls are made for similar attention to be given to the neglected sport of handball.

The update concludes with news from various Gaelic clubs in the region, including the establishment of a new junior Gaelic club by the Worcester Houses, the recovery of popular figure Mick Keane, and expressions of condolence for individuals who recently experienced bereavements. It also raises questions about the status of the Blackwater tournament and calls for its organizers to accelerate their efforts.

The Gaelic community eagerly awaits the outcome of the venue dispute and hopes for fair treatment and increased support for Gaelic sports and cultural activities in Limerick.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 19 January 1904

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