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Young Irelands and Emmets Showcase Thrilling Match in Challenging Conditions |

Young Irelands and Emmets Showcase Thrilling Match in Challenging Conditions

On Sunday, two exciting matches took place at Markets Field, organized by the City Junior Board. Despite the unfavorable weather, enthusiasts gathered to witness the sporting events. The hurling match featured a showdown between Emmets and Young Irelands, with the latter predominantly consisting of boys from the Industrial School. The display of this cherished Irish pastime was nothing short of spectacular, with the young players demonstrating a deep understanding of the game.

This encounter marked the third meeting between the two teams. During their previous encounter, the match had to be halted due to darkness descending upon the field. At the time, Young Irelands led with a score of 1 goal and 2 points, while Emmets had earned 1 point. In response to this circumstance, the Junior Board ordered a replay of the match, maintaining the existing scoreline.

Considering the slippery condition of the ground, last Sunday’s match surpassed expectations. When the full-time whistle blew, the final score stood as follows: Young Irelands – 3 goals and 9 points, Emmets – 2 goals and 8 points. This tally incorporated the scores from the previous interrupted match. The referee for the game, Mr P. O’Rielly, received widespread approval for his officiating.

In the football category, the victory was awarded to St. Patricks as Kinkora failed to make an appearance. The tournament will reach its conclusion on the upcoming Sunday, featuring two matches that promise further excitement for the spectators.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 19 January 1904

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