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"Judge Awards £80 Compensation in Malicious Burning Case at Limerick Quarter Sessions" |

“Judge Awards £80 Compensation in Malicious Burning Case at Limerick Quarter Sessions”

At the adjourned Quarter Sessions in Limerick, Thomas Murphy claimed £134 in compensation for the alleged malicious burning of his property in Kildimo. The incident was said to be the result of a family dispute, and there was a strong local opposition against the applicant, who had acquired the farm from his father-in-law by paying £400 on a deed of assignment while ignoring the son’s claim.

The evidence presented indicated that the applicant had faced persecution in the locality, and the caretaker of the farm required police protection. After hearing the evidence, Judge Adams delivered his judgment. He stated that he was convinced a severe outrage had been committed against the applicant and that he had endured significant persecution in the community.

Judge Adams emphasized that the dispute was a private family matter and not a concern of the public. He expressed that in a civilized country, the law could not tolerate the assumption that a public tribunal should be established to resolve disputes between family members, especially in light of recent legislation addressing landlord-tenant conflicts. He emphasized that it was unacceptable for someone’s life to be made intolerable and their property unsafe due to a father disinheriting his son for various reasons.

Considering the circumstances, Judge Adams ruled in favor of the applicant and awarded him £80 in compensation. The amount was to be collected from the residents of Kildimo. Several other cases were also heard during the proceedings.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 02 February 1904

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