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Jury Finds Employers and Great Southern Railway Company Guilty of Negligence in Limerick Inquest |

Jury Finds Employers and Great Southern Railway Company Guilty of Negligence in Limerick Inquest

The conclusion of the inquest into the tragic death of Matthew Dwyer, a labourer from Ballysimon near Limerick, has brought forth a verdict of negligence against both his employers and the Great Southern Railway Company.

The jury, after careful deliberation and examination of the evidence presented, reached the unanimous decision that the employers of Matthew Dwyer, as well as the Great Southern Railway Company, bore responsibility for the unfortunate fatality. The inquest shed light on the negligent practices that ultimately led to Dwyer’s untimely demise.

Details surrounding the incident and the factors contributing to Dwyer’s death were presented during the inquest. The jury found that the employers failed to uphold adequate safety measures and protocols, placing Dwyer in a hazardous working environment. Additionally, the Great Southern Railway Company was implicated for their role in the incident, with evidence indicating their negligence in overseeing the safety of their employees and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

The verdict of negligence holds significant implications for the employers and the Great Southern Railway Company. It highlights the need for enhanced safety protocols and a more vigilant approach to the welfare of workers. The findings of the inquest serve as a reminder of the importance of prioritizing safety in the workplace and the duty of employers to protect their employees from potential harm.

As news of the inquest’s conclusion spreads, there is growing anticipation within the community for the actions that will be taken in response to the verdict. Calls for accountability and measures to prevent similar incidents in the future are expected to follow.

The outcome of the inquest stands as a sombre reminder of the devastating consequences that can arise from negligence in the workplace. It is hoped that the findings will prompt a renewed commitment to safety standards and foster a culture of responsibility, ensuring the protection and well-being of workers throughout the region.

Kerry News – Wednesday 20 January 1904

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