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Limerick Union Seeks Competent Superintendent for Facility Operations |

Limerick Union Seeks Competent Superintendent for Facility Operations

The Limerick Union has announced its intention to hire a competent individual to oversee the installation and management of various essential services within their facility. The appointed superintendent will be responsible for the efficient operation of machinery, heating systems, cooking facilities, disinfection processes, and laundry services. Additionally, the chosen candidate should possess expertise in plumbing and steam fitting.

A generous salary of £60 per year, along with first-class rations, will be offered to the successful applicant. The Limerick Union emphasizes the importance of finding a dedicated professional who can independently manage the facility’s operations without requiring additional paid assistance.

For individuals interested in applying, details regarding the specific duties can be obtained by contacting the Union directly. Those who wish to be considered for the position are required to submit their applications, along with testimonials, to the Clerk of Union. The deadline for submissions is set for 12 o’clock on the specified date. It is important to note that the guardians of the Union reserve the right to evaluate all applications and are not obligated to accept any particular candidate’s proposal.

This appointment represents a significant opportunity for an experienced individual to join the Limerick Union and contribute to the smooth and effective functioning of its essential services. The Union encourages interested parties who possess the necessary qualifications and experience to seize this chance and submit their applications promptly.

As the application deadline approaches, anticipation grows within the community regarding the selection of the ideal superintendent who will ensure the efficient operation of the Union’s vital facility.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 19 January 1904

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