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St. Mary's Temperance Society Hosts Successful Lecture and Concert |

St. Mary’s Temperance Society Hosts Successful Lecture and Concert

Limerick, Ireland – On Sunday night, the St. Mary’s Temperance Society organized a delightful concert and an enlightening lecture at the County Courthouse. A large and appreciative audience gathered to enjoy the evening’s entertainment. The proceeds from the event will be allocated to support the society’s newly acquired premises on Sand Mall, accommodating the growing number of society members.

The concert was meticulously arranged, with Reverend Father Rea acting as the master of ceremonies, showcasing remarkable skill and success. The Very Reverend D. Shanahan from St. Mary’s presided over the event. The St. Mary’s Choral Class commenced the evening with an impressive opening chorus, captivating the audience. The duet performance of “Life’s Dream is O’er – Farewell” by Misses Halpin and Quinlan was sung harmoniously and received enthusiastic applause, leading to an encore. The talented Misses Gilligan and Miss Harty played captivating selections on the mandoline. Messrs Nash and Tompkins delivered a heartfelt rendition of “The Moon Has Raised Her Lamp Above,” eliciting the inevitable encore. The audience was thrilled by the energetic and skilful performance of the four-hand reel danced by Misses O’Shaughnessy, Storan, McDonald, and Prendergast, demanding an encore. It’s worth noting that this group previously won the first prize in the Limerick Schools Competition during Christmas. Miss May Musgrave gracefully sang the ballad “Green Isle of Erin” and received an encore due to her exceptional performance. Master Neiland, a student from Mrs Hugh O’Neill’s class, flawlessly danced a jig, earning him a warm encore. Solicitor Mr Ralph Nish captivated the audience with his rendition of “The Bloom is on the Rye” and was compelled to respond to the demands for an encore by singing “The Low-Backed Car.”

Following the first portion of the program, the Very Reverend D.R. Shanahan briefly introduced the evening’s lecturer, Reverend J. Murphy from Rathkeale. Reverend Father Murphy, warmly welcomed by the audience, delivered a captivating lecture on “The Economy of Common Sense.” He candidly addressed the flaws in the Irish character that contribute to the social and economic decline of the country, employing glimpses of palpable humour and impactful arguments that received a unanimous commendation from the audience. The lecture will be published in full in our upcoming weekly edition. At the conclusion of the lecture, the audience expressed their gratitude with a warm vote of thanks, to which Father Murphy suitably replied.

The second part of the entertainment commenced with a spirited jig danced by Miss Lizzie Dassett, earning her well-deserved applause. Mrs John Tompkins captivated the audience with her rendition of the popular tune “Mavourneen,” receiving enthusiastic applause. Miss Halpin solidified her position as a favourite among the audience with her enchanting performance of the songs “Sweet Vale of Avoca” and “Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms.”

The evening concluded with a sense of satisfaction and appreciation for the remarkable talents on display and the enlightening insights shared during the lecture.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 16 February 1904

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