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Bishop Bunbury Addresses the Jewish Community in Limerick |

Bishop Bunbury Addresses the Jewish Community in Limerick

In a letter recently featured in the Spectator, Bishop Bunbury offers his perspective on the Jewish community in Limerick. This letter is particularly responsive to certain comments made by Judge Adams. Bishop Bunbury acknowledges that, should Judge Adams have been alluding solely to physical altercations involving Jews on the city’s streets when he implied that reports of their persecution were possibly exaggerated, there may indeed be some validity to such a stance.

However, if the judge’s intention was to diminish the true extent of the ongoing boycott that the Jewish community in Limerick is currently experiencing, Bishop Bunbury finds this perspective to be incongruent with the unmistakable reality that their trade within Limerick and its adjacent regions has been profoundly affected. The bishop expresses his belief that it is improbable that Judge Adams intended to dismiss the significant implications of the boycott, suggesting a need for a more nuanced examination of the matter.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 17 May 1904

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