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Labour Meeting in Bruff Demonstrates Unity and Shared Goals |

Labour Meeting in Bruff Demonstrates Unity and Shared Goals

Bruff – A significant and representative labour meeting held in Bruff on Sunday unequivocally demonstrated the unity and collabouration between farmers and labourers in their pursuit of vital objectives. The gathering was chaired by Mr MP.. O’Shaughnessy, J.P., who was elected to the County Council by the combined votes of both classes. Notably, three Members of Parliament, namely Mr Lundon, Mr Joyce, and Mr Shaughnessy, were among the speakers, along with Mr Ambrose, D.C. of Rathkeale, and Mr W. Hayes, Mr J. Osborne, and Mr M. Conway, members of the Land and Labour Association, which organized the meeting. The proceedings were characterized by harmony and camaraderie, leaving no doubt that the labour movement in the district received a significant boost. The chairman expressed his gratitude for the warm vote of thanks, emphasizing the positive impact the meeting would have on the local labour movement.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Saturday 11 June 1904

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