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Strange Incidents and Police Activities in Limerick |

Strange Incidents and Police Activities in Limerick

Limerick, August 6, 1004 – At the recent Limerick Petty Sessions, Sergeant Stephen Brennan brought charges against a woman wearing a green jacket, accusing her of possessing a stolen portion of property belonging to William Koenan. The accused received bail before her next court appearance. Sergeant Brennan’s sharpness and diligence in the case were highly commendable.

In another noteworthy development, a sergeant from the Depoy barracks recently showcased his dedication to duty. While off-duty, he diligently practised rifle drills, much to the annoyance of his colleagues who were busy perusing the Gazette. This demonstration of commitment to honing his skills was a testament to his professionalism.

“The resisting lug” is a term commonly used, often mistaken as personal criticism. However, a knowledgeable individual expressed regret that a certain officer’s well-known immunity had been compromised. It was reported that this officer was seen frequenting a specific government-covered car, accompanied by the usual baton. County Inspector Hayes continued his quarterly inspections, emphasizing the importance of well-maintained barracks and gardens. Notably, several stations in County Limerick, including Kilmurry, Corbally, Clarina, and Ballinacurra, boast gardens tended by professional gardeners.

District Inspector Walsh, known for his hard work in a challenging district, is currently enjoying a well-deserved holiday in Lisdoonvarna. During his absence, Head-Constable Cheastey assumes his responsibilities. Head Constable Moore has recently returned from a month-long leave in Kilkee, where he rejuvenated amidst the invigorating breezes. His fitness and expertise make him well-suited for another year of demanding work at William Street, one of the most significant stations in Ireland. Head-Constable Webster, stationed at John Street, effectively managed the responsibilities in Moore’s absence and received praise for his outstanding performance.

Sergeant Cowe, formerly stationed at Boherard, has been transferred to Corbally City, replacing Acting Sergeant Wilson. This reassignment aims to optimize operational effectiveness in both locations.

Mr Courtney Croker, an exemplary Deputy Lieutenant, attended the “Petty Sessions” Court to support cases of animal cruelty. Recognizing his valuable contribution, the Mayor of Limerick extended gratitude to Mr Croker and imposed a fine of 3s. for an instance of cruelty to a donkey. While the local police are actively enforcing the Cruelty to Animals Act, the need for an Inspector from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Limerick is evident. The workload often exceeds the capacity of the police force, and the presence of such an Inspector would be beneficial.

In a surprising turn of events, an Inspector from Dublin has been assigned to oversee the transportation of cattle at the railway station after fairs. This position presents a suitable opportunity for retired police officers, to leverage their experience and expertise.

These incidents and developments highlight the dynamic environment of law enforcement in Limerick, as well as the dedicated efforts of officers and officials striving to maintain order and protect the welfare of both humans and animals in the city.

Constabulary Gazette (Dublin) – Saturday 06 August 1904

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