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“Triumphs of Abbeyfeale Convent Schools: Nurturing Excellence” – Limerick Gazette

“Triumphs of Abbeyfeale Convent Schools: Nurturing Excellence”

The resounding triumphs achieved by the students of the Abbeyfeale Sisters of Mercy Convent schools at the recent Limerick Feis underscore the unwavering commitment to excellence upheld by the Sisters of Mercy within the realm of education. This remarkable feat stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Sisters’ dedication, which has consistently fostered a commendable standard of distinction across various disciplines nurtured within this institution over the years.

Noteworthy are the Intermediate classes, which have yielded exceptional outcomes, attracting students from diverse external districts. Similarly, the lace and fancy needlework classes have drawn participants from afar. In totality, the remarkable achievements attained through the earnest endeavors, remarkable talents, and unwavering devotion of the dedicated Sisters reflect a level of accomplishment that aptly compares with the finest educational establishments in Ireland. The people of West Limerick owe a significant debt of gratitude to these remarkable women who have significantly enriched the educational landscape of the region.

Kerry Evening Star – Thursday 31 May 1906