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A meeting of the Limerick and Clare Evicted Tenants’ Association convened on Saturday evening at the Town Hall, with Mr. William Flannery of Rea Cross presiding. In attendance were several members, including J. J. Davern from Athea, Mrs. Campbell from Fedamore, Mrs. Sarah Cooney from Limerick, Mrs. Barry from Tower Hill, James McKnight, Daniel Ryng, John Moloney (honorary secretary), and James Scanlan from Killaloe.

At the meeting, John F. Moloney, the honorary secretary, presented a series of resolutions. The first resolution proposed that the secretary should arrange a meeting with the Estates Commissioners to determine the cause of the delay in reinstating the evicted tenants. Additionally, they wished to inquire why unoccupied lands were not being procured for these tenants.

A second resolution called for the secretary to communicate with Mr. John E. Redmond, M.P., who served as the Chairman of the Irish Party, concerning his resolution for amending the Land Act in the next legislative session. The association sought the support and involvement of the Nationalist Party in these matters. Finally, a vote of condolence was proposed for the relatives of the late Mr. James Lynan, National League Organizer.

Mr. James Scanlan from Killaloe seconded the adoption of the resolutions. Mr. Flannery, the Chairman, expressed concern that the Land Purchase Act had been in operation for three years, yet very few evicted tenants had been reinstated. He considered the resolution to meet with the Estates Commissioners a prudent step. Mr. Flannery also noted that there would be a meeting of the Standing Committee of the United Irish League the following month, and suggested that the case of the evicted tenants be presented to its members. He emphasized the need to remind the Committee about the resolution passed at the recent Convention in Dublin, which was proposed by the Chairman and supported by the Party. Mr. Flannery also believed it would be beneficial to approach agents and owners of evicted farms to determine if they would sell to the Estates Commissioners, either through the National Organization or another influential entity.

Mr. Moloney suggested involving the bishops and priests in the effort. The Chairman concurred, noting that they should take the lead in this matter. However, he expressed concern that the bishops and priests might be preoccupied with university matters and, as a result, have overlooked this important issue.

The resolutions were unanimously passed and adopted, reflecting the association’s determination to address the concerns of evicted tenants in Limerick and Clare.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 28 August 1906