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Limerick Journalist Making Waves in Persia |

Limerick Journalist Making Waves in Persia

Mr W. J. Maloney, known to readers of the Weekly Freeman under the pen name “Lover of Gaelic,” has made a remarkable impact as Reuter’s correspondent in Teheran, Persia. A native of Limerick, Mr Maloney has been at the forefront of reporting on the stirring events in Persia over the past two years. His career, spanning various assignments, reflects a profound engagement with the political landscape of the East.

Mr Maloney, despite his youth, has a wealth of experience. His early journalistic endeavours included work in Egypt before a stint in Constantinople as a correspondent for the Manchester Guardian. Joining Reuter’s service in 1899, he later found himself in Teheran during the June events of that year when the Nationalists captured the city. Since then, he has provided comprehensive coverage of the complex and dynamic situation in Persia.

The recent controversy surrounding Mr Maloney emerged from his reporting on a message from the Vice-Governor of Tabriz, occupied by the Russians, alleging reckless massacres. Despite the challenges and pressure, Mr Maloney faithfully reported the official statement, emphasizing the importance of an unbiased news service. The incident highlights the delicate balance journalists face in reporting events that may not align with the preferences of powerful entities.

In light of the recent events, the Weekly Freeman underscores the critical role of journalists like Mr Maloney in providing accurate and unbiased information, even in the face of political tensions and controversies.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 06 January 1912

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