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"Limerick Politician Faces Allegations of Obscene Language: Legal Proceedings Unfold" |

“Limerick Politician Faces Allegations of Obscene Language: Legal Proceedings Unfold”

Limerick, Friday – In the midst of ongoing legal troubles, Mr John Dalton, a councillor of the Limerick Corporation, faced a new set of allegations at the Limerick City Petty Sessions today. Known for his recent involvement in the Connaught Winter case, where he was sentenced to a month of hard labour in connection with the Union Jack incident. Dalton was summoned by Constable Reale for allegedly using obscene language in George Street on the night of the 1st inst.

Constable Reale, the complainant, testified that while on duty near the Bank of Ireland, he overheard Dalton using the offensive language specified in the summons. Mr P. J. O’Sullivan, solicitor representing Dalton, staunchly maintained the councillor’s innocence, asserting an absolute denial of the charge. O’Sullivan questioned the constable, suggesting that the prosecution aimed to depict Dalton as a “corner-boy.”

Constable Reale clarified that their intention was to ensure Dalton conducted himself like any other citizen, unrelated to his prior legal entanglements. In the defence’s effort to counter the allegations, several witnesses were called to attest that the accused did not use the language attributed to him.

Constable Collins, another witness, revealed that Dalton admitted to saying something to Constable Reale but did not believe the constable would take notice of it. The Mayor, in delivering the unanimous decision of the magistrates, announced the dismissal of the charge. The magistrates expressed their belief that the police did not harbour ulterior motives in bringing the prosecution and emphasized that the case was not an attempt to tarnish the defendant’s character. Moreover, the Mayor noted that if the language in question had been used, a response from the constable would have been necessary to sustain the charge. The legal proceedings shed light on the complexities surrounding Mr John Dalton, adding another chapter to his recent legal history.

Dublin Daily Express – Saturday 06 January 1912

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