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Legal Proceedings and Grievances: Highlights from Limerick Quarter Sessions |

Legal Proceedings and Grievances: Highlights from Limerick Quarter Sessions

The Limerick Quarter Sessions recently witnessed a series of legal actions against the Great Southern and Western Railway Company, shedding light on the challenges faced by individuals and organizations in the realm of transportation. This article provides an overview of the noteworthy cases and their outcomes, offering insights into the complexities of railway-related disputes.

Legal Action Against Great Southern and Western Railway:

  1. Mr J. J. Barry’s Claim:
    At the Quarter Sessions, Mr J. J. Barry, J.P., took legal action against the Great Southern and Western Railway Company. He sought to recover £10 for losses sustained due to the non-delivery of sheep skins consigned to him from Galway. The court, presided over by Judge Bartholomew, awarded Mr Barry a decree for eight guineas.
  2. Co-operative Wholesale Society’s Lawsuit:
    The Co-operative Wholesale Society also sued the same railway company, seeking to recover £11 1s. 2d. The claim was based on the non-delivery of eleven drums of butter at Chesham, Buckinghamshire, and eleven boxes at Desborough. The butter was consigned on the 16th of September by a passenger train. Despite the company’s argument that the butter was carried at the owner’s risk and at a special rate, the court sided with the Co-operative Wholesale Society. However, a reduction in the awarded amount was made, and a decree for £16 9s. was granted, allowing the defendants their costs.
  3. Other Decrees Granted:
    Several other individuals and entities brought forward their grievances at the Quarter Sessions. Mrs. Mary Roberts received a decree for £3 for damage done to a perambulator. John Charles Insley was granted £1 and 10s. in expenses for the non-delivery of photographic apparatus. William Newman obtained a decree for £15 14s. for short delivery and non-delivery of various parcels of goods.
  4. Grand Canal Company’s Liability:
    In a distinct case, a decree for £8 17s. 10d. was given against the Grand Canal Company. This ruling was in response to losses sustained by Mr Michael Egan due to delays in the delivery of goods. The court determined that the Grand Canal Company was liable for the damages incurred by Mr Egan.

Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 13 January 1912

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