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Unusual Prosecution Unfolds in Limerick |

Unusual Prosecution Unfolds in Limerick

Limerick recently witnessed a peculiar prosecution that garnered considerable attention at the Petty Sessions. Constable Real brought forward a case against Councillor Dalton, accusing him of using obscene language in the streets on the night of the 1st inst. The circumstances surrounding the prosecution raised questions, especially given Councillor Dalton’s recent release from a previous legal entanglement.

Councillor Dalton, represented by Mr V. J. O’Sullivan, faced allegations of using offensive language while in the company of other men. Constable Real maintained the validity of the charges, asserting that he treated Dalton just like any other person. However, during cross-examination, Mr O’Sullivan hinted at potential ulterior motives behind the prosecution, challenging the constable’s testimony.

Three respectable witnesses, Michael Murray, Michael Feely, and Joseph Halpin, testified in favour of Councillor Dalton. They claimed to be in Dalton’s company on the night in question and asserted that they did not hear any obscene language. This contradicted Constable Real’s account, raising doubts about the accuracy of the charges.

Mr Kelly, R.M., questioned Constable Real about not responding to Dalton’s alleged remarks at the time. Despite inconsistencies, the court initially pursued the case. However, after further deliberation, the magistrates dismissed the case. They stated that they did not believe there was an ulterior motive but acknowledged that Constable Real should have made a reply during the incident.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 13 January 1912

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