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Limerick County Council Addresses Allegations Following Local Government Board Inspector's Report |

Limerick County Council Addresses Allegations Following Local Government Board Inspector’s Report

In a special meeting held today, the Limerick County Council convened under the chairmanship of Mr W. R. Gubbins, J.P., to deliberate on the report submitted by the Local Government Board Inspector, Mr A. D. Price. The focus of the meeting was a complaint that included an assertion that road metal had been remeasured and, consequently, paid for a second time.

According to the Inspector’s report, the supervision of the relevant district was characterized by a notably perfunctory nature. The Council was urged to address the concerns raised in the complaint promptly. The Local Government Board, in their concluding remarks, emphasized their strong opinion that Mr David Humphries, D.C., deserved gratitude for his actions in this matter. The Board expressed hope that the County Council would take decisive steps to rectify the situation, emphasizing the potential discredit to the Council’s administration if the matter remained unaddressed.

Following a lengthy discussion, the Council decided to recommend the dismissal of two workmen specified in the Inspector’s report to the County Surveyor. Additionally, the Council sought responses from the specified officers mentioned in the Inspector’s report regarding the discharge of their duties. The actions taken by the Council reflect their commitment to addressing the issues raised in the Inspector’s report and maintaining transparency and accountability in their administrative responsibilities.

Dublin Daily Express – Monday 05 February 1912

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