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Chill Grips Co. Limerick as Frost Sets In |

Chill Grips Co. Limerick as Frost Sets In

The Lower Shannon District in County Limerick finds itself in the firm embrace of an unyielding frost that descended upon the region last Wednesday. With a persistent eastward wind, prospects indicate that this wintry condition is likely to persist for an extended period.

One notable consequence of the prevailing frost is the engagement of labourers and carters in the gathering and storage of ice. This activity, undertaken for the preservation of fish, has provided much-needed employment opportunities in areas such as Glin and other locations serving as export hubs. The significance of this effort extends beyond the workforce, reaching the merchants, who would have otherwise had to import ice from Norway at a considerably higher cost.

The practical implications of the frost are evident in the economic activities surrounding ice, impacting both local employment and the cost dynamics for merchants. As Co. Limerick remains in the grip of winter, the community adapts to the seasonal challenges, navigating through the intricacies imposed by nature’s icy touch.

Dublin Daily Express – Monday 05 February 1912

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